Selected Projects

Wood Group Power Solutions

Petco selected this leading US EPC contractor to participate in tenders for the construction of gas-fired IPPs.  Petco positioned our client to negotiate an $870 million EPC contract for an 800 MW combined cycle power plant.  The completed plant commenced operation in 2013.

Excelerate Energy

Petco help facilitating a project for this US LNG regasification ship owner/operator to supply gas to Israel Electric Corporation through the Hadera Deepwater LNG Terminal.  This ongoing project augments and diversifies the country’s gas supply resources and complements Israel’s Tamara gas field production.

Stone & Webster – Shaw Group, Inc

Petco represented s&w and helped position them securing a contract with Israel Electric and the Energy Ministry to develop a 20-year plan to optimize Israel’s electricity production based on conversion to gas fired power generation.

U.S. Department of Energy, Federal Energy Technology Center

Under contract with the US Department of Energy, Petco promoted and marketed leading US-based Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) technology providers into the Mediterranean refinery markets.

AES Corporation – Spain

Petco facilitated the entry of AES into Spain’s electric power market with project development and PPA marketing services, leading to financing and building a 400MW combined cycle power plant.

NRG Energy Inc.

Petco assisted this diversified US energy company in multiple acquisitions of oil & gas properties in the Mediterranean region. 

Consol Energy Inc.

Petco selected and represented consol, the largest US coal exporter in securing a supply and delivery contract for 12 million tons of coal to Israel Electric Corporation.

Conoco Oil Company, Conoco Carbon & Minerals, Inc.

Petco assisted Conoco, a major US refiner, in licensing their coking technology to a new Egyptian refinery, which now produces about 360,000 MT of petcoke per year.

Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc.

Petco formed an alliance with a prestigious $4B management consulting firm to pursue energy strategy advisory projects in the Mediterranean market. To date, this Petco alliance has provided strategic consultancy to an oil refinery, an international engineering firm and an international IPP.

Jacobs Engineering Group, Jacobs Consultancy

Petco selected Jacobs and positioned Jacobs to serve as the technical consultant to the Government of Israel for privatizing its two refineries. The professional consultation resulted in the sale of the refineries to private investors for $2.4 billion.