"Quality Business Internationally"

Petco Energy is a privately-held, international, US-based company, led by a group of energy experts with proven track records of successful overseas projects. In 2016, Petco is celebrating 35 years of providing "Quality Business Internationally".

Petco’s speciality is selecting large-sized energy projects in the Mediterranean and conducting initial due diligence with regard to project potential. When a qualified project passes Petco’s muster, our leadership selects the most suitable US client to consummate the project. Petco serves as part of the project’s management and acts as a consulting agent and intermediary on the ground, for our American clients, to help business deals come to fruition.
Petco was founded in Washington, DC in 1981 by Mr. Zvi Steve Rome, a binational US-Israeli businessman; Dr. Chalmers G. Kirkbride, former Sun Oil Co. executive director of research & engineering; and Mr. Arthur C. Wied, former executive of GE and former chairman of First Virginia Bank. The co-founders designated the Mediterranean region as Petco’s area of operations and thereafter established regional offices in Spain, Italy, Israel and Cyprus to better serve our US clients.