Business Principles

Business Principles

Petco adds value for its clients and to the Mediterranean energy sector as a whole by adhering to core principles to ensure ethical and efficient business conduct:

  • All business is conducted in American English and in U.S. Dollars
  • Projects and clients are selected based on shared values for ethical business dealings and full compliance with the US (FCPA).
  • All projects are subjected to due diligence prior to pursuit, tender and engagement in a client relationship.
  • The Company focuses on projects with a high likelihood to proceed and for which the time-to-implementation is short (e.g. 12 months to project commencement)
  • The Company remains involved from project concept to completion, engaging intensively to secure a contract, and then yielding to the client during project delivery. Petco provides local support as needed throughout implementation.
  • To eliminate possible conflicts of interest, Petco does not accept clients from Israel’s energy sector.
  • Petco engages its Directors and Energy Advisors, who are are experienced and distinguished energy experts, to help assess and refine the capture strategy for each project.
  • PETCO’s client is the face of the project and receives the public recognition for a job well done; Petco remains out of the spotlight.





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